Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today was the hottest day of the year so far. It only reached 85*, but that was warm enough to break out the pool!! I sat inside puffing that mini-pool full of air, and 10 minutes later I went out and started to fill up the pool with water. Peyton screamed. Of course. Then I let the semi-cold water sit for awhile while we went to walmart to get to swimmers diapers and some sun-screen. We got home, changed little P and lathered her up. When we got outside, she proceeded to scream again. I sat my dainty bum right on down in that little pool and played like I was 1. She sat on the front porch for another minute or so, deciding if it was going to kill her to get in this water. She slowly inched her way over and held her arms out to me. I sat with her on my lap for what seemed like forever and started playing with the toys. Finally I got her on her own bum all the way in the water. I got out, cause no one would believe me if I didn't get pictures, and there was a whole different child in the water!! She loved it! I watched her play for another half an hour and then when it was time to get out (daddy was taking us miniature golfing-a whole other blog, believe me) she screamed again. I wasn't too mad about that scream though. I think we may have found our new summer pasttime!

Getting ready to play in the new pool.

She loved playing with these "sand" toys!

She would crawl out, get her toys, bring they back in the water, throw them out again, then start all over. She did this for about half an hour.

Absolutely priceless.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I finally got her hair into pigtails. She was so cute, and when I said "show me your pretties" she bent her head down and showed them to me. I swear, kids are so funny!