Monday, December 28, 2009

New House

Lance and I purchased our first home and closed escrow and moved in the day before Thanksgiving. It has been such a blessing to finally give in to what the Lord wants and give up on what I want. I guess I am just one of those people who have to figure that out the hard way! Here are some pictures of our new furniture that we got.

The Living room furniture.

The dining room set. Sorry it is so dark, and please don't mind the little creature posing in the bottom right corner.

New bedroom furniture. It is such a difference to have a king sized bed! We love it!
We love our new house, and are so thrilled with the idea of making it our own. We have sure spoiled ourselves this Christmas with all the new stuff we bought, (Lance got a 55" LED tv as well) but we have saved like mad for the last 3 years. Now we feel poor and are working on getting our savings back to where it was. Luckily the President has decided to give us money back for being first time home buyers! I knew he should be able to do something right!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am just letting everyone know that I have not forgotten about my Blog. I will be back as soon as the internet is hooked up at our new house. We moved in the day before Thanksgiving and have had a whirlwind of a time ever since. So stay tuned...Many new posts to come!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Snow!!

Yesterday, we had our first real snow of the season here in "The Ville". At around 10:30 am, it began with little flurries, and within half an hour, it was a full blown storm. There were some of the biggest flake I have ever seen! Peyton went down for her nap and woke up at 2:00, cranky as all get out. Lance took her straight to the window and she looked outside and proclaimed "Es no-wing mommy!!". Pure enjoyment. Much the opposite from last year, when she would freak every time we tried to get her to touch it. We bundled her up, and took her out for a little snow-fest. She was laughing the whole time! Oh to be a kid again! The storm is over today, but she wanted to go outside and see the 'no-wing' again. She won't call it just snow, it is 'no-wing'. When I told her it was time to go back inside, she said "ok, bye bye no-wing, see ya!". She loves to have me put on her "pittens" too. She sits so patiently while I get her all bundled up and stick each individual little peanut finger in its slot! I wish getting ready to play in the snow didn't take so much time! But it is worth it in the end!
Pure Bliss!
Catching them on her "lengua"

Throwing a snowball at daddy!

Running to get daddy. Kind of scared me on that icy sidewalk.

Last year. Not nearly as interested in the idea of 'no-wing'

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, we had the cutest Bummblebee ever (thanks Jaquelle) at our house this halloween. Peyton got all dressed up without a fight (shocking) and we went out with her 'buttet' (bucket) to get some 'annie' (candy). We went Uptown where they close down Main Street for a couple hours and the little shops pass out candy so the kids can trick or treat safely. It was a lot of fun, but next year will be better I am sure. Peyton was just getting the hang of the whole candy in the bucket thing as we were leaving. She was focused more on the actual DumDum lollypop that I let her eat while we were walking. She was so happy though when people kept dropping more and more into her bucket!
Afterwards, we went to our Ward Halloween party around 5:30. The served hotdogs and nachos and had some little rooms set up around the church for the kids to have some fun. The primary from our ward was in charge of the Cake walk, and thankfully most of our teachers were there to help. I would not have been able to hold Peyton and play the music at the same time. During dinner, she fell through the back of the metal chair and landed on her head. She screamed for a minute, but wouldn't let me put her down for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I didn't stay much longer than that. It isn't very fun to hold your little Bee the whole night! She did win a cupcake in the cakewalk (which I had to hold her for) and was happy about that!
Hopefully next year she will be a little more extroverted and actually play with the kids at the party! We all know my hands will be full with another little one this time next year!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Now we know...

There was no hiding it this time! The baby proudly displayed all its parts during my ultrasound, and I am happy to announce the Livelys will be adding a baby boy to our brood! We are so excited and Peyton keeps pointing to my "baby" and saying "broder". We have narrowed it down to a couple names, but we haven't come up with one yet for sure. I will keep you posted with any thoughts we have along the way. He was letting it all hang out this time around so we do know for sure!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peyton Lorie

Well, we are out of the hospital. It was an interesting 24 hours to say the least. Now I know why mom always says she doesn't care if we get hurt, but she is not taking us to the Emergency Room. Hopefully I don't have to do that again for a LONG time. While there, we had a whole team of Dr's that were called in just for her. They came in around 7:45 and did a culture swab on her face by scraping it with a scalpel and putting it onto a couple of slides. I had to hold her down the whole time and another Dr held her little face. Then she fell asleep in my arms from about 8-9:30 when the Dermatology team came in to check her. They wanted to do another culture and so I had to hold her down again while they carved into her cheek to get a "good swab". I thought it would have broken my heart to hold her down, but I was in the "fix my kid" mode and wanted whatever they needed to do to have her fixed and know what it was. Around 11 we were finally given a bed and we took her up to Pediatrics. I stayed with her through the night and she slept ok. She woke up a couple times when the nurse came to check her vitals. At 9:30 I left to go home and take a shower and try to sleep a little and around noon Lance called to tell me they had been discharged and were waiting for me to pick them up.
The good news is that she does not have MRSA at all. The bad news is that she has the Herpes Simplex 1 virus, which is pretty much cold sores that errupt on her face. We aren't sure how she got it, but it does run in Lance's family. We can give her antiviral meds, but only if we catch it in the first 48 hours. Otherwise, she has to just let it run its course. We feel so blessed to finally know what it is and know how to treat it now. Thank you all for all your prayers and thoughts. We would not have been able to have done it without all your help.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Haircut

Well, I finally broke down and did it. I was sick of looking at the little baby mullet that my child was sporting. Lance and I went back and forth as to whether we should cut it or not, but ultimately we know it will grow back, and probably be better than it was before. I hope so. I did cry a little when I looked down as the hairdresser cut away her curls. Never thought I would be that kind of mom. Guess I am a weenie! She is still cute none-the-less!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a...

Umbilical Cord between the legs!! Little Booger! I was so sad when the Dr. said they couldn't really tell right now! I tried to push the baby around and move it to the position that I wanted, but to no avail! The heartbeat was 160 beats/minute and that is suppsed to be in the "girl range" and there was no little package sticking out around the umbilical cord, which gives us hope that there is girl parts behind the curtain! I am hoping so anyway! We have another ultra sound scheduled on the 22nd of this month, so hopefully she/he will cooperate then! It was so fun to have my mom there with me! At least she got to see the baby on the Ultra Sound! Too bad it was being so shy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo Shoot

Here are the most recent pictures of Peyton Lorie. We had them taken in August and we are just now getting them emailed to us. Hope you enjoy our little cheeser! We sure do!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not much to talk about

I have had a couple of complaints that I have not been very good about keeping up with my blog. We have been so busy this summer that I haven't really had the time. And, for some reason I can't find my camera, and everyone knows a blog is so much better with pictures. We just got back from Sacramento yesterday visiting both families. We had such a great time. It was my dad's 50th birthday, so it was great to have everyone there and see family I haven't seen in so long! Lance got to get a couple rounds of golf in with his brother and dad, which was all he could ask for. Peyton had a great time with her nana and papa, and so much fun with all her cousins too! It was a short trip, but we had a great time. I have my first Dr. appointment next Monday, so we will get to see how things are going. I have been pretty sick this time around, but not nearly as bad as I was with Peyton. Things have been totally different, which makes me think that we are having a boy. I get heartburn (not too bad) which I didn't get at all with Peyton, I am not nearly as sick, and I get really car sick. Honestly though, I am not one of those mothers who "just know". I couldn't tell you if this was a boy or girl and even if I did, I would probably be wrong (like I was before). So that is just a little update on us. Lance is still working hard and reminds me of the fact everyday. I continue to work 3 days a week, but have had a lot of time off this summer. Thank goodness for husbands who pick up the slack! Peyton is growing everyday and getting smarter by the minute. It is so fun to be her mom!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Chatty Cathy

That is what a teacher of mine used to call people when they talked a lot. That is what I call Peyton now-a-days. She is none stop! For the most part it is a good thing, but every once in awhile, you just want her to be quiet for a little bit! I love that everyday there is a new word that she will say (more than one usually). Today, her word was flaw-wa. She went and got a blade of grass for me and handed it over and said, "mama, flaw-wa". It was so random. Then my mother in law and I realized a little later that she said it because of this book we read to her "I am a flower, and these are my friends. The Sun makes us grow, the rain makes us grow. Love makes us grow, and we're all grown up". She makes us read it about 100 times a day.
It amazes me that my child is so smart. I passed a shirt in the store today that said "baby genius". I wondered to myself if I would look too prideful if I put that on my baby. I came to the conclusion that, yes, I would. But seriously guys. How many 16 month olds do you know that are putting 2 words together? She knows the sounds that about 8 animals make (if you count an Indian and an Eskimo as Eskimo gives Eskimo kisses if you were wondering). She knows about 15 different baby signs, and she knows about 30 words. Plus she can repeat pretty much anything you say to her. I don't want to brag, but my kid is off the charts!
I hope most of you know that I am not serious about all this, well not completely!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


While we were in Newport, we took a little trip to Seaworld in San Diego. It was a great time and we had so much fun. Peyton was such a trooper! She missed her morning nap and only slept about 15 minutes in the car on the way. Then she was wonderful the whole day. She didn't get crabby and loved when we went to the shows. The dolphins were our favorite. We went on all the little kiddie rides and she had so much fun! She kept saying "wow" and "whoa" the whole time. At 5:00 the Shamu show started and she was getting a little worn out. She sat up and watched for about 10 minutes, and then layed her head on Nana and fell fast asleep. Of course mommy bought her a Shamu stuffed animal (she loves stuffed animals) and now she loves her wa-yul.

About to watch Shamu. She was spent by this point, and fell asleep on nana's shoulder about 10 minutes into the show.

On the Dumbo ride (Elmo ride in Seaworld)

My all time favorite. With mommy on the "teacups" (or whatever they call it at Seaworld)

Monday, July 13, 2009

And baby makes 4...

FYI...we are expecting a new little Lively in March. I know it is early to tell (I am only 5 weeks along) but that is just how I do it...sorry if that bothers you! We are hoping for a girl, so think pink! (of course we will be happy with whatever!!)

Vines Beach Week

Every year Lance's Aunt and Uncle Vines kindly allow us to use their beach house for a Vines Family Reunion. (Thank you, Thank you!!) This year we went down on the 4th of July and came back on the 11th. It was a great time (as always) and so much fun to have Peyton old enough to play and enjoy herself. Going down to the sand and beach is a lot of work with a 15 month old, but so worth it in the end. And I could not have done it without the help of my mother-in-law. Thank you! Unfortunately, Papa and Daddy were not able to be there becuase of work, but hopefully next year. Here are some pictures of my little princess...

The second cousins (Lincoln, Tatum, Peyton and Romi)

whenever she heard the camera turn on she would say "cheese"!!!

A shot with mommy

Watching bay-beee (aka Baby Einstein)

In her highchair at the Beach House having a popsicle. Her new favorite thing!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As promised, here is her picture on the Front Page of the Lassen County Times! My baby is a star!! I try to make sure her hair is done everyday...I guess I missed this day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Grizz Bowl

Last Saturday we had a football game here in town. It was between the two prisons that are up here. HDSP (High Desert State Prison) and CCC (California Correctional Center). The do it every 5 years or so, and all of the money goes to benefit the high school sports. This year, Lance was the QB for HDSP. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the last 2-3 months he has been at football practice from 5-7. It was full on tackle and everything! All these guys were taking it so serious!
They big day came and we had so much fun! Lance's team won, 16-12. I made some shirts for myself and Peyton. They even took Peyton's picture for the town newspaper, asked for her name and the spelling and told us to look for her in next weeks issue. I will be sure to get those pictures up if they come! But for now, this is all I got! (thanks to Aunt Kelly for taking them. I forgot my camera, plus mine isn't half as good!)

Lance was #11, obviously.

Isn't he so cute? Wish I had a picture of his bum! That was even cuter!

Awe! The Lively's! (Minus P, she was home sleeping. She better figure out how to stick things out, there are many more sporting events in our future!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

you can do it all by yo-self!!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I raise my daughter by what the internet says. Lance calls it my "baby encyclopedia". I get posts once a week telling me what my baby should be doing and at what point she should be doing it. Most of the time, like walking for instance, she is way ahead of their predicted stages. One e-mail, about 2 months ago, told me I should start to give my child her spoon and allow her to feed herself. It will promote better hand-eye quardination, or so they say. Those who know me know there is no way on this green earth that I would allow her to have that much freedom, and the only reason is...THE MESS. I cringed at the thought of letting her at it and the disgusting, sticky, gross mess I would have to clean up afterwards.
Yesterday, at 14 1/2 months, I finally gave Peyton her spoon and about a tablespoon of her food in a bowl. This is the outcome. I was so disgusted that I had to walk out of the room while she explored. She had such a great time making this mess! I took some pictures for documentation. I think I have created a monster though...tonight when I tried to feed her, she wanted no part of the normal, clean eating, and opted to make a mess again BY HERSELF. And so it begins!
This ones for you Uncle Craig!

I wonder where she got that tongue!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today was the hottest day of the year so far. It only reached 85*, but that was warm enough to break out the pool!! I sat inside puffing that mini-pool full of air, and 10 minutes later I went out and started to fill up the pool with water. Peyton screamed. Of course. Then I let the semi-cold water sit for awhile while we went to walmart to get to swimmers diapers and some sun-screen. We got home, changed little P and lathered her up. When we got outside, she proceeded to scream again. I sat my dainty bum right on down in that little pool and played like I was 1. She sat on the front porch for another minute or so, deciding if it was going to kill her to get in this water. She slowly inched her way over and held her arms out to me. I sat with her on my lap for what seemed like forever and started playing with the toys. Finally I got her on her own bum all the way in the water. I got out, cause no one would believe me if I didn't get pictures, and there was a whole different child in the water!! She loved it! I watched her play for another half an hour and then when it was time to get out (daddy was taking us miniature golfing-a whole other blog, believe me) she screamed again. I wasn't too mad about that scream though. I think we may have found our new summer pasttime!

Getting ready to play in the new pool.

She loved playing with these "sand" toys!

She would crawl out, get her toys, bring they back in the water, throw them out again, then start all over. She did this for about half an hour.

Absolutely priceless.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I finally got her hair into pigtails. She was so cute, and when I said "show me your pretties" she bent her head down and showed them to me. I swear, kids are so funny!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock Star

She was trying for a while to get this orange headband on to her head. Then she finally came over to me, handed it, and bent her head for me to put it on. After this, she continued to crawl on top of anything that she could. This is her mound of toys in her "toy corner" that she plays with. I have given up trying to keep them organized, so every night after she goes to bed, I just throw them into the corner. Here she is climbing on a box that has puzzles in it. She just cracks me up these days! And she gets more and more fun as the days go by. Oh, and all 4 of her top front teeth have now come through...Hallelujah!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and Birthday!

Does it get better than this!?! Cake with your cousins, and a beautiful princess dress that your grandma and grandpa gave you for easter? I don't think so! She did so well with her individual pictures, but boy does she not like group shots! She better learn to! There are MANY more years of them taking pictures together! We had so much fun at grandma and grandpa's house for easter this year. We had fajitas for lunch *no we are not mexican, we just don't always like to do the conventional thing! Imagine that! Then the dads hid some eggs in the backyard and all the little kiddos went a-hunting. Except for Eva cause she can't walk. They all had a pretty good time though I think. It will be so much more fun next year though, when they can almost all do it by themselves! I love spending time with my family! I will be sure to post some pictures of the hunt when I get home to my camera chord!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Birthday Girl!!

My little P-nut turned 1 Today!!! We had a couple people over for cake and ice cream. At first she wasn't too excited about people watching her and didn't know quite what to do with the big brown thing in front of her, but as soon as I gave her a little taste, she went to town. She loved it! Happy Birthday Peyton. You have been nothing but joy to us and we look forward to many many more years of joy with you. We love you, Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gone Baby Gone

Last Friday, Lance took baby P to Sacramento. It was definately a traumatic experience for me. Packing my husband away for a week is bad enough. But packing up Peyton and putting her in the truck with Lance, knowing that I wouldn't see her for 6days, just did me in. I tried to play with her all morning, and had a lot of fun, but as soon as I buckled her into her carseat, the waterworks started. I was only a wreck for about 2 minutes, but I couldn't believe that I even acted like that for 1 minute. I guess you don't know how good you have it until it is gone! Even if it is only for a week. I must admit that I have had a very relaxing couple of days, and have been able to do whatever I wanted, but thats just not what I signed up for. I miss taking care of my husband, and making him dinner and just being with him. And I absolutely miss my little girl. I can not wait until Thursday when I get to hold both of them in my arms again!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The time has come!

Lock up your homes boys and girls! You guessed it, Peyton is walking! It really started aroung her 11 month birthday, which is a little late in our books, seeing as we have thought "anyday now" for the last 2 months! Oh well! Now the fun begins! She also got her third tooth today. (#D for you dental enthusiasts!) It finally broke through! Though now she is going to look like a vampire seeing as her laterals are coming in before her centrals! Here is a video of her walking and of her fat little naked belly! I love when she is naked. This is right before her bath, so we could do it. Usually it is way too cold for her to be naked for long periods of time!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little late!

Here are some of her Valentine Pictures that we had taken this year. I just can't believe how big she is getting~