Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun pictures

Party Time!

Today P1 had her first party at school. It was a "Harvest Party". The kids sang some "spooky songs" and had a little show for us. I have to say that I think it turned out pretty cute! I loved watching my little sunshine up there singing her heart out. I had many parents come up to me afterwards and tell me she was the best little singer up there. She sings ALL THE TIME at home and knows so many songs! It makes me so happy to see her growing and blossoming in her class. I am so grateful for the little things in life, and watching me daughter grow up is definitely one of them!

Each parent was responsible to bring something. Here is my 'fruit platter'. Pretty cute idea eh?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wedding Bells

This weekend we went to Amador County for Lance's Cousin Beth's Wedding to David. It was so much fun to see family and just relax for a couple days! The vineyard where the wedding was held was beautiful and the company was even more enjoyable! I made P1's dress and P2's vest for the wedding to attempt to match Beth's colors of Black, white pink and orange. It was my second undertaking of sewing, and I must say, they came out quite well! The entertainment for the wedding was a belly dancer for about 20 mintues. The kids LOVED her! P1 went up and danced with her, and P2 was quick to follow. He was GLUED to her moves! Like father like son, I guess!

One of the reasons I love being able to go to weddings is that I am reminded of why I chose the husband that I have and all the reasons I love him more everyday. Thank you for being you, honey! You make my life happy.
(Scroll down for a video of the kids dancing with the Belly Dancer)
PS I tried to upload some pictures but Blogger is uploading only half of them. Anyone know how to fix that?