Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Livelys Lately

So... I don't know how all of you moms of 2+ kids find the time to sit down and blog...I must admit that I completely and utterly admire you and the time that you miraculously seem to find! And I also want to thank you for making my life so much more enjoyable when I sit down at the computer and get to read your blogs! Here I am, 3 weeks from the last time I blogged, sitting here trying to find the time to do it. We will see how many times I have to stop and save and come back to this one post!
Well, the babies and I go home to Susanville on Thursday. I don't think I have been this excited to go home ever. I miss my husband desperately, and I can't wait to see him and be with him on a daily basis. And sorry if this is TMI (don't read on if it is), but it has also been 6 weeks since I had a baby...and we all know what that means folks! Yes! I can hardly wait! Maybe it is because this baby that I had was a boy, and we all know that boys (most anyway) are very sexual, but I just feel so much more ready this time than after P1. I still do not feel sexy by any means, but I have been trying desperately to feel better about what I look like as opposed to what the world TELLs me what I am SUPPOSED to look like. I am making small progress and I know that I will just continue to feel better about myself after I keep excercising.
I also miss all my friends at home. I thought it would be great and relaxing to be away this long, but I miss all the times we get together and spend time having dinner and playing games as families. Thank you to all my great friends up there who make us feel like we are loved!
P1 is slowly becoming accustomed to having P2 around. She has random meltdowns, but I can pretty much time them and attribute them to her being tired. (not all the time, please don't think I am delusional and think my child is just tired all the time. I know that she is 2 and having temper tantrums). MOST of the time I can settle her down by putting her down for her nap (which she takes everyday for 3-4 hours...be jealous) or at night, down for bed. There are times however when she wants me all to herself. You can see the bits of jealousy coming out when I am holding P2 and playing with him, or heaven forbid, feeding him! I hold her and play with her, and talk her through it and she usually calms down quickly. She is at such a fun age and I love to have actual conversations with her knowing that she understands and will respond to me with her words as well. I love to watch her grow and learnd new things on a daily basis. Her new favorite thing is Play Dough. She always wants me to play with her, which I hate. I have never liked the feel of it and it takes a lot for me to pick it up and touch it! But I do it for her, cause it makes her happy! And what am I on this earth for but to make her happy!
P2 is growing faster than I ever thought possible! He was 10 lbs 6 oz and 23 inches long at his last checkup at 4 weeks!! That is the same size that P1 was at 4 months! It is so weird to have such a big baby when I had such a small one the first time! He sleeps so well during the night! I put him down around 9:30 or 10 and he sleeps until between 4:45 and 6! Then He will wake up, eat, and USUALLY go right back to sleep until around 11 or so. Pretty sweet! But then there are those nights...Yeah.
He loves to smile at you and LOVES movement. He would be happy with someone walking around rocking him all day long! And he is such a cuddle-bug! I love to just sit and hold him and smell his baby head and kiss his baby face. I love the way that he still curls his long body into the fetal position to sleep and curls up next to me. He is so much fun and I just love every minute with him!
This is all that has been happening in my life recently. New baby, new life. I love it. And for all of your enjoyment...here are some recent picures. (It only took 3 times to stop and start writing this whole thing!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Pictures

I know it is a little late, but we finally went and had their Easter Pictures take professionally. Peyton, who is usally a nightmare while taking pictures (she cried until she made herself throwup the last time) was an absolute angel this time...which can only mean one thing. Parker was not. Isn't that how it always works? Either way, we got some pretty good shots. And I promise, Peyton's hair was cute before we left the house!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny even found us at Nana and Papa's house! Peyton woke up a little crabby this morning because she couldn't go according to her usual schedule, so I took her downstairs to show her that the Easter Bunny came to visit. It took her some convincing to actually LOOK for the eggs, but once she got going, she was so excited! I never knew it would bring me such joy to watch my child be so happy. One of the talks during conference this morning said something about how our Heavenly Father and Jesus love our children even more than we do. I find such comfort in knowing this, and wonder how it is possible, but do not doubt its truth.
I am grateful this Easter Morning for the knowledge I have, that our Savior lives and loves me and my family more than I could ever imagine. I am so grateful for Him and the atonement to allow me to live forever with my family, to repent of any wrong I have done, or will do, and be with those whom I love forever. It is this that is the true meaning of Easter, but I am also grateful for the happiness I get to share with my children in the fun little things such as the Easter Bunny. She may be young, but I know she knows who Jesus is when we walk through church and she points to His pictures. And when she drops to her knees at night so we can say prayers. It is these little things in life that comfort me in thinking that I am doing some things right as a parent.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs!

Today we got into the big soaker tub and colored some Easter eggs! She had a couple of hesitations when she had to stick her dainty little hands into the weird colored water, and would keep asking "mommy do it" but she liked the overall outcome! She took her little dyed fingers and would make a claw hand and say "rahhh!" like a monster. I love spending time with my little P1 and being able to watch and see her grow. After she goes to bed tonight I get to fill her easter basket from the Easter Bunny and watch her in the morning as she hunts around the house for all her easter eggs! It is making me remember my mom, Tammy, as she would always color eggs with us and hide our baskets for us to find in the morning. It is little things like this that make me so happy to be a mommy!