Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twist and Shout!! nanananana!!

Peyton's daddy loves to dance with her. He sings this song, (which he made up) and makes her twist. Only today did she start to twist all on her very own! She keeps going by shaking her head. Too funny!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Look at those baby blues! And this is also to show you how much better her face is getting!

So far she has taken at most, 6 steps.


My friend, who is always so inspiring on her blog (thank you) posted a blog about love. It made me stop to realize that I haven't been very good about letting the people I love know that I love them. So here is a list of those whom I love.

1. My Savior
Before all else, I put this man. He loves me unconditionally. Even when I do wrong or make mistakes. He knows what I am thinking and calms me in times of trouble. He is my brother and my friend, and though I have always known this, recently I have thought a lot about His love for me as an individual. He knows who I am and wants me to be a better person.
2. My husband.
I like to tell myself that he knows that I love him and it is ok if I don't always say it. I learned from someone recently, that is not the case. I need to tell him every chance I get. I love him for the wonderful husband that he is, always trying to help and do what he can to make our relationship better. I love him for the father that he is to our daughter. He spends quality time with her (even when he should be sleeping). He loves to watch her learn and grow. I don't know how I got lucky with such an awesome man to be so in love with, but I am thankful everyday for him.
3. My Baby.
So cliche', I know, but I never knew I could love someone so unconditionally. I am not a very patient person, but somehow (for the most part) it comes naturally with her. I love to watch her learn and grow everyday. She is so smart and absolutely beautiful (I am biased, I know). I don't know what I did to deserve such a sweet spirit, but I know I must be loved for Heavenly Father to send her down here for me to teach and love. I love her with all my heart.
4. My Family.
This covers a lot of people. My parents have always loved me and taught me the things I need to know to help me to be a righteous Adult and live the way our Father in Heaven wants. They truly love me. My brothers and sisters, though they may do wrong, I love them. They are my best friends and I love spending time with them.
5.My In-laws.
I couldn't ask for better! They have truly taken me in as a part of their family, and I know without a doubt that they would do anything for me. I am so grateful for all they do for me and my family.
6.My Friends.
I have made so many friends her in Susanville. Thank you all for helping to make our stay here better. My life would surely be a lot different had it not been for you.

So, sorry to totally mooch of you, (you know who you are) but thanks for the wonderful idea. Just a little reminder, this is my journal too, so sorry if this is too mushy for your liking or something you are totally not interested in.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bye Bye MRSA!

Here is her face just 2 full days after we started her on the new medicine. I am so happy that she is getting better and so quickly! Thank you every one for your prayers and thoughts!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here she is happy today, even if she had that thing on her face. She had no idea what she was in for later! Read below to have today's update.

Peyton Update

Well, we took Peyton to the Dr. this morning at 9:15. She had a black like that started at the bottom of her scab that was going down her cheek. I know that that means the infection is getting into her bloodstream so it was not good news. As soon as the first Dr. saw us, she said, "um, I need to get someone else". Then the next Dr., thinking it was Pseudomonas from her previous cultures that were taken in Susanville, said, "we have some bad news, we need to admit her and get her on some IV antibiotics now." Of course I freaked, as did Jeanette. We preparred ourseves to have her go across the street to the hospital and waited while they got the bed open for us. About 45 minutes later another set of Drs came to see us. They told us they were the "admitting Drs" for the hospital peds unit. They checked her and then immediately called the "Pediatric Infection Control Specialist" who told them that there was almost no possible way that what she has is Pseudomonas, but is most likely MRSA, just a different strain than what they origianlly thought. The Dr. came back to us, and said " we would really like to avoid placing a healthy baby in a sick hospital, so we are not going to admit her. Instead we are going to put her on a different antibiotic that is going to beat this specific strand. If she continues to get worse, or if there is any sign to the negative, take her into the ER IMMEDIATELY. If she appears to be getting better then just bring her in on Tuesday and we will check her to make sure she stays on the right track." So that is where we are now. Happy we are home, getting her on the right medicine, and praying that she won't have to be admitted on Tuesday morning. We will try to keep you posted. Love, Lance and Ashley

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, her little face is slowly getting better. Lance took her to the Dr. on Tuesday morning and he saw a different Dr. who told him it was getting better and to just keep up the good work. That night I got a call from Noreen, (the Dr. I saw) who was concerned because she had not seen Peyton at all that day. I told her that Lance brought her in, and the Dr. told me that what they thought was MRSA was in fact something else entirely. They say there are traces of another bacteria called pseudomonas. I looked it up. Don't waste your time, there is not much on the internet about it. But from what the Dr. said, it is a nasty little bug. She told me to bring her back the next day (Wednesday) and if she thought is was not getting any better then she would have to put her in a hospital bed and hook her up to an IV antibiotic drip. SCARY! I couldn't imagine my little 10 month old in a hospital bed. To all those who have had to endure it, my heart goes out to you!
The next morning we went to Urgent Care again and 3 different Drs came in to see her face. I felt like my child was some petry dish that was on display. They did tell me everything they were discussing and thinking so it wasn't like they were trying to talk above me or anything, just a weird feeling to hear them say "oh, go get so and so, they would love to see this." The Dr's told me that I needed to get her down to her normal practitioner and have a Pediatric Infection Control Board done on her to rule out all Pediatric (and other) infection. I made her an appointment for Friday in Sacramento at UC Davis, where she is usually seen, and I checked the weather report. SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! I checked it more closely, and it seemed like my best bet was to leave immediately to beat the worst of it.
My boss gave me the rest of the afternoon off and I got in my car and left. The ride was fine until I got into California on highway 80 at the Tahoe exit Hwy 89. It was completely stopped!! I called caltrans and they said there was a 15-20 car pileup down the hill and they would be stopped for awhile. I daringly took hwy 89 to Tahoe. I hit a little snow, but for the most part the drive around the lake was absolutely astonishing. We hit highway 50 at around 5 last night and that is where the trouble began. The highway wasn't closed, but it was definately a blizzard. It was pretty scary to drive in, but even worse because it was at night. I finally reached my inlaws at around 8:15 (left Susanville at 2:45) 5 1/2 hours later...But I am glad to be here safe and sound. We go see the Dr tomorrow, and I will be sure to post all about what they tell us. Keep your fingers crossed that she will be fine! Say a prayer too. That always seems to help.

This is a picture of Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. I told you, absolutely gorgeous!

Friday, February 6, 2009

This is Peyton doing her Touchdown sign! She started to do it when we would yell touchdown and throw our hands in the air. Now, for the most part, she will do the same when you say it to her. She is definately a Lively! Too bad Football season is over!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Peyton's Face

I thought I would update everyone on Peyton's little face. I took her in to the Dr. again this morning becuse she was getting a little spot that looked like the last one when it started, right under her eye. I got scared about it being so close to her eye and so I took her in. The Dr said it was a good thing that I did because what they thought was a Spider Bite is actually called MRSA. It is a staff infection that is resistant to normal antibiotics. So the Ammoxicillin wasn't working at all. They put her on something else that is stronger and is supposed to work a little better, but it is definately a scary disease. Everytime I look it up online they call it a "superbug" and say it is spreading all over the US and becoming more and more resistant to any antibiotics that we have. Just keep her in your prayers. At least she is still a happy baby!

Monday, February 2, 2009


This is her poor little spider bite! Doesn't it just break your heart?