Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Every night at bedtime we have a routine. First it is a bath (not every night, cause her skin is so dry, but most). Then we get our PJs on and watch a Baby Einstein Video or a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video to calm down. While we watch that, she gets a drink of milk with her L-lysine tablet in it for her face. As soon as her show is over, she hops down to the floor and gets "on my knees! Tims for prayer mommy!" We say prayer and she jumps up to give 'besos' (kisses) to all who are present and runs to her big girl bed where her 2 bears and her minnie mouse are awaiting her arrival patiently. She climbs into bed and lately she has asked for "mommy lay down sing temple song". So I lay with her and rub her face and run my fingers through her hair and sing I love to see the temple to her. This is my absolute favorite part of my day. I hope that it doesnt go away, but I don't think she will always be so anxious to go to bed, or to have her mommy lay down with her when she does. Until then...Here is my princess sound asleep!

I can't really complain though, she has been a good sleeper. Peyton at around 1 month old...Taking a nap.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Temple Day!

Today my mom and I took the kids to the Sacramento Temple for a picnic. They had so much fun running around and playing with eachother. Their favorite part by far was the Water fountain right in front. They could have played there all day if we would have let them! If only mean mommy and Grandma would have let them climb INTO the water fountain, life would be complete! Better luck next time kids!
Let me in! They put new doors on the front of the Temple. They are beautiful! Peyton kept asking "I go in?" Not yet baby! But someday!

Playing with her cousin Adam

All the kids!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That is all that I can say. I am such a horrible blogger! It has been so long! I haven't had a camera to take new pictures in about 6 months! It disappeared one day and has never been able to be retrieved. But for Valentine's Day, my sweet husband bought me a new camera~ He does a good job sometimes! It would be such a sad day if we had a new baby in a couple weeks with no camera to take pictures with! Then on top of not having a camera (and who wants to read a blog with no pictures?) we haven't had a computer in about a month. We have been fine without it since both of us have our iPhones which allow us Internet access, but I haven't been able to blog at all, or do anything which requires an actual computer to do it. It is amazing how you become so dependent on technology!
Well, Peyton and I have made the trip down to Sacramento to stay for 6 weeks. We left on Monday, February 15th. Lance will be joining us on March 1st and we will be here the whole month of March. Because I had a c-section the first time, I really want to try and have this baby vaginally (I won't say naturally, since I will have drugs!) and the only hospital in Northern California that allows VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) is UC Davis, which is where I had Peyton so I feel comfortable there. So here we are. Waiting patiently for this little man to arrive. It has been a quite a change for little Peyton coming down here. She hates being away from her daddy (her best friend) and her mean mom just doesn't fill that void! Luckily she has her Papa to play with our I would be up a creek! (and nana to help me out as well! ~thank you both!) She also has transitioned into a "big girl bed" with her very own princess sheets and pillowcase. When I tell her it is time for bed, she jumps up and runs and says "ye-ah! I go ni-ni my bid-derl bed!" She has done great so far for the past 2 nights, but this morning she got out of her bed, opened her door, climbed down the stairs and went into nana and papa's room at 10 minutes to 8. We didn't even know she knew how to open doors! And as I sit and type this, I hear her in the room kicking her feet on the wall and refusing to shut her eyes...Ok, I'm back. I just had to go and lay with her for 5 minutes until she fell asleep. Sometimes it is so worth it to see them when they actually do fall asleep and all you hear is their sweet little deep breaths. It makes all the mad feelings you had 5 minutes before about them NOT going to sleep go away. So, that is a little catch up on us Lively's. I will try and do better, and now that I have a camera, I will be sure to post more pictures!

Being a little weird-o!

In her Christmas Dress..."I so pretty!"