Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Snow!!

Yesterday, we had our first real snow of the season here in "The Ville". At around 10:30 am, it began with little flurries, and within half an hour, it was a full blown storm. There were some of the biggest flake I have ever seen! Peyton went down for her nap and woke up at 2:00, cranky as all get out. Lance took her straight to the window and she looked outside and proclaimed "Es no-wing mommy!!". Pure enjoyment. Much the opposite from last year, when she would freak every time we tried to get her to touch it. We bundled her up, and took her out for a little snow-fest. She was laughing the whole time! Oh to be a kid again! The storm is over today, but she wanted to go outside and see the 'no-wing' again. She won't call it just snow, it is 'no-wing'. When I told her it was time to go back inside, she said "ok, bye bye no-wing, see ya!". She loves to have me put on her "pittens" too. She sits so patiently while I get her all bundled up and stick each individual little peanut finger in its slot! I wish getting ready to play in the snow didn't take so much time! But it is worth it in the end!
Pure Bliss!
Catching them on her "lengua"

Throwing a snowball at daddy!

Running to get daddy. Kind of scared me on that icy sidewalk.

Last year. Not nearly as interested in the idea of 'no-wing'

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, we had the cutest Bummblebee ever (thanks Jaquelle) at our house this halloween. Peyton got all dressed up without a fight (shocking) and we went out with her 'buttet' (bucket) to get some 'annie' (candy). We went Uptown where they close down Main Street for a couple hours and the little shops pass out candy so the kids can trick or treat safely. It was a lot of fun, but next year will be better I am sure. Peyton was just getting the hang of the whole candy in the bucket thing as we were leaving. She was focused more on the actual DumDum lollypop that I let her eat while we were walking. She was so happy though when people kept dropping more and more into her bucket!
Afterwards, we went to our Ward Halloween party around 5:30. The served hotdogs and nachos and had some little rooms set up around the church for the kids to have some fun. The primary from our ward was in charge of the Cake walk, and thankfully most of our teachers were there to help. I would not have been able to hold Peyton and play the music at the same time. During dinner, she fell through the back of the metal chair and landed on her head. She screamed for a minute, but wouldn't let me put her down for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I didn't stay much longer than that. It isn't very fun to hold your little Bee the whole night! She did win a cupcake in the cakewalk (which I had to hold her for) and was happy about that!
Hopefully next year she will be a little more extroverted and actually play with the kids at the party! We all know my hands will be full with another little one this time next year!