Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time for school! Time for school!!

Friday was Peyton's first day of Preschool. The class that Lance and I decided to put her in has a 2/3 year old class and also a 4 year old class. We went last year and put her on the waitlist (it was advised we did this earlier than later as many parents up here place their children on this particular waitlist when their child is BORN!! - needless to say, Parker is already on this list!). The school that we had her on the list for ended up losing their teacher and the rest of their staff, and to make a long story short, we moved to the new school with the teacher. We were told that we had officially made it on the list, but a week later we got another call informing us we had been taken off and made 1st alternate because they needed to make room for children who needed this as a daycare as well. Tick. Me. Off. Being the pesky mother that I am, I called back a week before school started to see how her 1st alternate postition was doing, and they let me know that she was actually bumped up on to the "active list" that morning (huh...wonder what would have happened had I not called!).
At the end of all the hoopla, Peyton is officially going 2 days a week (Wednesdays and Fridays) from 8:30-12. I took a couple of days to prepare her, telling her that it was just like going to Nursery. She would have a teacher and make new friends, and have lots of new toys to play with. She seemed excited. Friday morning came, and I have to admit, it was hard for me to wake up so early! I haven't had to set my alarm for...I can't even remember the last time I set my alarm! 7:30 came, and I think I made a routine that will work for us. I did have to wake both kids up though! We walked her to they school (it is .17 miles from my house from my door to the door of the school) and I signed her in. She kind of got a little pouty face as I said goodbye to her, but then she looked around and saw all the other kids and the TOYS! She bravely looked at me and said "Ok mommy! This is just like nursery! I will see you in a little bit! I love you!" and off she went. Part of me was glad she was so brave, and part of me wanted to hide and watch her play for a little bit! So back home Parker and I went, and got ready to go for our run. It was nice to just have time for me and him. He seemed a little lost without his "pooks" with him, but after awhile he was happy to have me all to himself and vice-versa! It is gonna be an interesting year but I am ready for it, and I think both kids are too!