Monday, May 17, 2010

Potty Time

Last Monday I started to potty train P1. She has shown signs for awhile now that she is ready. I got all geared up, pulled out all the little panties that I had for her, and even purchased an online book that was on sale that a friend recommended (thanks Morgan). The first 2 1/2 days were a disaster. I am talking, not even once did she make it to the toilet. Not even once. It was so stressful for me! I just kept wanting to give up! But the book said to keep on truckin' so that's what I did. But honestly, how much easier would it be to just put a diaper back on her. And if I had to say "you tell mommy if you have to go potty!" one more time...
On Wednesday afternoon, she came running to me exclaiming "I go potty mommy! I go potty!" So I ran with her to the bathroom acting excited (trust me - big time acting) and sure enough, she looked up at me proud as can be, and she was going. I don't think I have ever been so excited about pee in my life! But our real problems were only beginning.
Later that evening, she told me she had to go potty, and I knew it wasn't pee. She had not gone #2 for 3 days and I was starting to get nervous. Now everytime I put her on the potty she would cry and ask me to hold her. After about 2 hours of on and off the potty, she started to walk funny. I was at a friends house and she asked if I wanted a supository cause it was obvious she needed to go, she just wasn't doing it. I gave her the supository, and she finally went later that night (after crying for 3 hours). It was so much relief for her that it physically made ME feel better.
The next morning however, was no different. I guess she just didn't get all of it out. She cried and cried and I sent Lance to get some baby laxatives. I also filled her up on the juices. Unfortunately this meant that I needed to put her back in diapers, because who knew how or when that stuff was going to come?! I didn't want a huge mess to clean up. Call me crazy.
It now looks like we are back in the clear. Starting last night, she came and asked if she could go peepee and put on her big girl panties again. I said sure, not thinking it would actually pan out the way I was hoping, but did. Since last night she has gone in the potty everytime except for one accident last night before bed where she immediately freaked out. I know that more accidents are going to happen, but the past couple of days have given me some hope that my child will not be going to kindergarten with a diaper on!

This picture is from last year, but she was so excited to go on the potty and I love her little face and hands!