Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As promised, here is her picture on the Front Page of the Lassen County Times! My baby is a star!! I try to make sure her hair is done everyday...I guess I missed this day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Grizz Bowl

Last Saturday we had a football game here in town. It was between the two prisons that are up here. HDSP (High Desert State Prison) and CCC (California Correctional Center). The do it every 5 years or so, and all of the money goes to benefit the high school sports. This year, Lance was the QB for HDSP. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the last 2-3 months he has been at football practice from 5-7. It was full on tackle and everything! All these guys were taking it so serious!
They big day came and we had so much fun! Lance's team won, 16-12. I made some shirts for myself and Peyton. They even took Peyton's picture for the town newspaper, asked for her name and the spelling and told us to look for her in next weeks issue. I will be sure to get those pictures up if they come! But for now, this is all I got! (thanks to Aunt Kelly for taking them. I forgot my camera, plus mine isn't half as good!)

Lance was #11, obviously.

Isn't he so cute? Wish I had a picture of his bum! That was even cuter!

Awe! The Lively's! (Minus P, she was home sleeping. She better figure out how to stick things out, there are many more sporting events in our future!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

you can do it all by yo-self!!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I raise my daughter by what the internet says. Lance calls it my "baby encyclopedia". I get posts once a week telling me what my baby should be doing and at what point she should be doing it. Most of the time, like walking for instance, she is way ahead of their predicted stages. One e-mail, about 2 months ago, told me I should start to give my child her spoon and allow her to feed herself. It will promote better hand-eye quardination, or so they say. Those who know me know there is no way on this green earth that I would allow her to have that much freedom, and the only reason is...THE MESS. I cringed at the thought of letting her at it and the disgusting, sticky, gross mess I would have to clean up afterwards.
Yesterday, at 14 1/2 months, I finally gave Peyton her spoon and about a tablespoon of her food in a bowl. This is the outcome. I was so disgusted that I had to walk out of the room while she explored. She had such a great time making this mess! I took some pictures for documentation. I think I have created a monster though...tonight when I tried to feed her, she wanted no part of the normal, clean eating, and opted to make a mess again BY HERSELF. And so it begins!
This ones for you Uncle Craig!

I wonder where she got that tongue!