Sunday, January 25, 2009

5 things i hate about today...

not too much, but since you tagged me Katie, I guess I will do it for you!

1. I hate that this big ugly thing on my nose is still here~I get a sore on it every winter from wiping it too much.
2. I hate that my baby is still sick, even though she is getting better slowly.
3. I hate that it only snowed a little bit, not enough to actually stay all day today.
4. I hate that I seem to be at a plateau and can't lose more weight right now, no matter what I do.
5. I hate that my hair isn't long enough to do more than 2 things with.

Well, that last one was a stretch cause it is growing remarkably fast! I never thought I would get my long hair back, but it looks like by this time next year, it may just be as long as it was before I cut it! I am excited, but my husband likes me with short hair...Oh well. He will have to deal. Did I do ok for you Katie?

5 people I tag...
1. Amber
2. Christina
3. Rennie
4. Shara
5. Nancy...I know you read it, so just make a blog already!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Anniversary Trip!

Lance and I just got back from a weekend in Reno. He suprised me this last Thursday and said "since you didn't get one last year cause you were flying home and 7 months pregnant, I want to take you somewhere nice this year". We stayed at the Summit at The Grand Sierra. They are the top 12 floors of the hotel and have all been fully remodeled. The room was SOOOOO nice! And we got it for half the price of normal so it was even better. We went to a buffet on Saturday night and then parked our fat bellies on our huge California King with the down comforter and fell asleep watching our 60 inch plasma. The next day we went to this new Store called Scheels. It is HUMONGOUS. It is a sporting goods store and the customer service there was unparalled! Then we went back to our hotel and watched the NFC championship game on the big screen in the hotel's theatre. Absolutely amazing! Out to dinner and then to a movie. And the best part, NO BABY (thank you Nana and Papa for coming out to watch her!) Definately was a weekend to remember!Thank you honey! These two years have gone by fast, but I can't wait to spend the rest of my eternity with you!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Today my little peanut is 9 months! I can hardly believe how time has flown by! This time a year ago I was getting ready for a cruise that I wasn't supposed to go on, and I hardly even looked pregnant! Who knew how time would fly! I have loved every minute of it, and would not have changed it for anything. The middle of the night wake ups are a thing of the past, and it seems to be smoothe sailing from here on out. She has started to be slightly clingy, but I can handle it. It too shall pass!

Lance and I are also excited to start out 3rd year of marriage on the 20th of this month. It seems like only yesterday we were waiting (patiently) for that sealing clearance to come in the mail. And 2 years later, here we are. We can't believe how much our Father in Heaven has blessed us. It seems no matter where we are or what obstacles cross our path, He picks us right back up and carries us to our next destination. I am so grateful for the Saviour and the blessings we have because of the Gospel. I am grateful that my husband and I are so in love and that I have such a great best friend. It almost hurts when he is gone, but I know that he is just doing all he can for our family.

I am excited for 2009. I have no idea what will happen in this time, but I have learned that it will probably fly by. My goal this year is to take everything in stride and try to enjoy every part of my life, to be there to watch my baby grow up and to continue to support my husband. I hope all of my friends and family have a wonderful New Year as well!