Monday, July 11, 2011


I love my life. It's that plain and simple. My kids make me laugh all the time and I love spending time with my husband. This summer he joined a hardball baseball league. The kids and I have been going to watch his games and they have been really good while we are there. They cheer him on and shout his name from the bleachers. "da-da! da-da!" you can hear P2 Cheer from the stands! He has done outstanding so far. It has been a great thing for us to do as a family. Can't wait until it is our kids out there we are watching!
P1 also took a couple weeks of swim lessons while we were down in Sacramento taking care of my dad. To say she did well would be a HUGE exaggeration! She was so obnoxious! The teacher finally asked me if I would just bring her 15 minutes earlier than her scheduled lesson and get in with her. From then on, it went better, but still not great. At some points, I just wanted to throw her in the middle of the pool and tell her to figure it out or else...but I didn't want CPS called on me! At the end of the 2nd week she pretty much knew that she had 20 minutes that she had to endure and get through and just went through the motions. Oh well, she will do it again next year much to her dismay!
P2 on the other hand is like a little sea otter! The kid is fearless! At my sister's pool he would DIVE into the deep end and swim (with are floaties on) all across the pool. I hardly had to watch him cause it was pretty much inately in him to just do it! He would put his face under, lay on his back and float and just jump in. Now THAT is my kid for sure! Loves the water. The other one...not so sure.
Since we have been home, we have been going to the lake once a week with friends. It has been a lot of fun for the kids. P1 has adjusted well and P2 I have to keep a serious eye on or else he will be 1/2 way out in the lake by the time I look up!
At the end of the month I am going down to Sacramento again to put on a Bridal Shower for my future Sister In Law, Melanie, with my sisters. Then a couple weeks after that we will be back to see them get married. Hopefully after that our summer will slow down and we will be able to start getting P1 ready for preschool in September! I can't believe it is already time for her to go. She is getting so big!
Lately she has really been in to watching the movies Tangled and Thumbelina. She dances around and sings ALL the songs. WORD FOR WORD. The kids has a memory for songs. I can put almost anything to a song and she will memorize it, which is how I taught her my phone number the other day. She knows all of her Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, Parents...middle names and half of their birthdays. And if she meets you on the street, beware; her immediate questions to you will probably be "Hi! What's your name? What is your birthday? How are you?" So be careful! I better not teach her my SSN or she will be stealing my identity!
P2 is so funny these days as well. He is talking a lot and trying hard to make his prescence known with such an attention hog for a sister. The other day it finally happened. He finally outsmarted her. P2 has a toy zebra that he loves to ride around on. He gets so mad when P1 is on it, so the other day, while she was riding around on it, he got made and did his normal "ahhh" while he tried to pull her off and looks at me to try to fix his problem. I told him that she had it first and he needed to play with something else until she was done. He promptly loooked around the room, searching for something that he knew she would want, grabbed her purse that she carries around EVERYWHERE, put it on his arm and started to walk out of the room. She sees him, walks over and asks him for it nicely (amazing). He instantly drops it down and runs his chubby little legs over to the zebra, sits down and looks up at me triumphantly! I couldn't keep the laughter in! It was the first of many I am sure.
So that is a little of what has been happeneing around here. I will try and update a couple tore times before the end of the summer!

Finally doing it!

We have lived in our house for a little more than a year and a half. When we moved in, we loved the neutral color palate, but knew that it wasn't 100% us and decided that we were going to redo them soon. Well, here we are! We are changing the color palate in the living room from browns and tans to shades of gray and black and white. We are also doing a chair rail and moulding around all the doors and windows. And the best part?!? We are getting a new door for the back! Thank heavens! This one gets harder and harder everyday and the vertical blinds are a pain in my pattotie! I will post before and after pictures soon! Stay tuned!